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To Keep It or Not and How

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It Took GUTs!

So over the last several years, many kids, and two houses I realize there is a lot of things in my house that just isn’t necessary or useful.  Maybe they weren’t when I acquired them either.  But I won’t dwell on that point.  For now I want to look at the stuff I have.  Then ask, “Is it benefiting my life?  Is it worth keeping?”  If both answers are no, then good-bye stuff.

So here’s the challenge I’m placing on myself.  How many day’s can I give away something, use up something, and or toss something.  And I’m going to make up the rules as I go.  Sounds like a game I can play and win at.

So this was Day 1’s stuff I said bye-bye to:



Gave away:
1. Sticky tack (yes, it’s still sticky)
2. a Hand held air pump
3. a Thermometer (we used for school)

Used up:   0

Tossed (yes, this means threw in the trash):  1.  4 used pencils

I know this is shocking but I really did throw away pencils that still could be used.  I don’t use pencils.   Well maybe 3 or 4 times a year.  I wouldn’t or could not use these pencils up in a life time.

I asked my daughter, who uses pencils daily, if she wanted them.  Her answer was a strong no.  She has a specific kind she likes.

So if I kept them I would simply be storing them for no good purpose.  And even though I’m a strong supporter of giving things away, I just couldn’t see giving used pencils away that may or may not be broken up inside.

Conclusion – Toss them

This took GUTs, really!

G = give away
U = use it
T = toss it
s = all to do with my stuff

So how many days can I follow my GUTs before I run out of stuff?  LoL

Day 1’s challenge completed.