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To Keep It or Not and How

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Weeding Out

Well life was interrupted once again in my world, but when you fall off a horse you get right back on.  Right?

When I started this project, I was consistent for many days.  21 to be exact.  And then I went into hit a miss mode for a long time.  During this time I didn’t keep track of the items that I gave away, tossed or used up.  Bummer.  I would like to know just how much stuff has left this house.  I know it’s been a lot.

Oh well, time to give tracking another try.

My original 21 days resulted in:

  • 23 items given away
  • 7 items used up
  • 12 items tossed

With a grand total of 42 items no longer needing my attention.

Yesterday, I tossed 4 out dated food items in the kitchen.

One of my big focuses this time is going to be the kitchen.  I have way too much food stowed away.  Some of it’s too old, some of it’s too gross, and well some is a mystery.  And once again, after many kids, many years, and available space, I have more than I need or want.

I want to simplify.  I want less choices in the areas of my life that matter the least.  Food matters but not the many ways of preparing the food.  Like dehydrating, canning, and a zillion untried recipes.   What matters to me concerning food now is the nutrition.  And I believe seeking that through whole natural food is better for me than manufactured food.  So my cupboards are going to get weeded out.

What about you?  What areas in your life matter the most?  Can those other areas of life use some weeding out?


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I’m Back!

I believe managing our stuff is a lot like a beautiful garden.

Some of us have green thumbs and tons of instinct.  Our gardens never look less than perfect.

Some gardens look really good but there is a section or two that just doesn’t quite complete the picture of a beautiful garden.

And yes there are some of us who don’t garden, but we have one.  It’s full of weeds and some flowers.  One or two of one kind and a zillion of another kind that go way beyond their boundaries.  Somewhere within the space beauty mingles in and out of order.

Mega years ago this was me.  I had a garden, a house.  I had some beautiful things, but you couldn’t find and appreciate them because of the clutter.  There were many things that contributed to the house that I didn’t tend to well.  But I changed a lot of my thinking and my habits and the garden greatly improved.

With many responsibilities and habits yet to develop my garden was average for a good many years.  It had good seasons, great seasons, and please don’t let anyone come in the front door seasons.

Then there was the opportunity to change my garden completely.  We moved from a small traditional home to a much bigger non traditional home.  I loved it, resources were good and I had a lot of time at home.  I was able to create a garden I was proud of pretty quickly.  But a new season came.

And it has been a long season of various problems.  In terms of gardening, consider a hail storm, critters you can see, bugs you can not see, and disease.  And then add an absent gardener.  Absent physically, mentally, or emotionally and the garden suffers.

Yep, that’s where I’ve been most recently.  I’ve been the absent gardener.  But I have returned to the task at hand.  Thankfully I still have areas of beauty.  But there are weeds to pull, flower beds to tame, and new plants to add.

The tricky part is time and finances are still limited.  But isn’t that true for a lot of us.  To find peace we must find balance between our time, resources, and stuff.  Do the best we can with what we have.

I will make peace with my stuff and create an awesome garden.  My home will be one I am proud of.  I did it before and I will do it again.

The professional organizer in me is back.  I’ve brought my tools with me.  And will share them with you as I get my garden back to beautiful.