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To Keep It or Not and How

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Weeding Out

Well life was interrupted once again in my world, but when you fall off a horse you get right back on.  Right?

When I started this project, I was consistent for many days.  21 to be exact.  And then I went into hit a miss mode for a long time.  During this time I didn’t keep track of the items that I gave away, tossed or used up.  Bummer.  I would like to know just how much stuff has left this house.  I know it’s been a lot.

Oh well, time to give tracking another try.

My original 21 days resulted in:

  • 23 items given away
  • 7 items used up
  • 12 items tossed

With a grand total of 42 items no longer needing my attention.

Yesterday, I tossed 4 out dated food items in the kitchen.

One of my big focuses this time is going to be the kitchen.  I have way too much food stowed away.  Some of it’s too old, some of it’s too gross, and well some is a mystery.  And once again, after many kids, many years, and available space, I have more than I need or want.

I want to simplify.  I want less choices in the areas of my life that matter the least.  Food matters but not the many ways of preparing the food.  Like dehydrating, canning, and a zillion untried recipes.   What matters to me concerning food now is the nutrition.  And I believe seeking that through whole natural food is better for me than manufactured food.  So my cupboards are going to get weeded out.

What about you?  What areas in your life matter the most?  Can those other areas of life use some weeding out?


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It Took GUTs!

So over the last several years, many kids, and two houses I realize there is a lot of things in my house that just isn’t necessary or useful.  Maybe they weren’t when I acquired them either.  But I won’t dwell on that point.  For now I want to look at the stuff I have.  Then ask, “Is it benefiting my life?  Is it worth keeping?”  If both answers are no, then good-bye stuff.

So here’s the challenge I’m placing on myself.  How many day’s can I give away something, use up something, and or toss something.  And I’m going to make up the rules as I go.  Sounds like a game I can play and win at.

So this was Day 1’s stuff I said bye-bye to:



Gave away:
1. Sticky tack (yes, it’s still sticky)
2. a Hand held air pump
3. a Thermometer (we used for school)

Used up:   0

Tossed (yes, this means threw in the trash):  1.  4 used pencils

I know this is shocking but I really did throw away pencils that still could be used.  I don’t use pencils.   Well maybe 3 or 4 times a year.  I wouldn’t or could not use these pencils up in a life time.

I asked my daughter, who uses pencils daily, if she wanted them.  Her answer was a strong no.  She has a specific kind she likes.

So if I kept them I would simply be storing them for no good purpose.  And even though I’m a strong supporter of giving things away, I just couldn’t see giving used pencils away that may or may not be broken up inside.

Conclusion – Toss them

This took GUTs, really!

G = give away
U = use it
T = toss it
s = all to do with my stuff

So how many days can I follow my GUTs before I run out of stuff?  LoL

Day 1’s challenge completed.