The Stuff Specialist

To Keep It or Not and How


I am a woman with many years behind me and countless experiences with stuff.  I have been through several seasons of stuff and have many more to go.  Stuff exists, we can’t live with out it, but we must learn to live with it in a way that’s beneficial to our lives.

I started parenting almost 40 years ago, now I’m down to one at home.  I’m a seamstress, quilter, crafter and learner, which means tons of stuff, supply stuff, instructional stuff, inspirational stuff,  just a lot of stuff.

I do not have a green thumb, but I have a green heart.  I love recycle, upcycle, working for and with nature.  I hate to see stuff go to waste, unused and unappreciated.

I am a professional organizer.  I’ve worked many years in several nonprofit organizations, helped friends greatly downsize their stuff in the process of moving, organized events, created solutions for storing stuff, and sorted through hundreds of donated items.  I’ve seen a lot of stuff come in and have had to decide what to keep and what had to leave.

Stuff, it’s everywhere and it must be managed well or it causes it’s own chaos.  I’m on a mission to reclaim my space and make stuff work for my benefit not chaos.  How about joining me on the journey to taming our stuff?